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The modlab-team develops software tools for bio- and cheminformatics applications. Our gecco!® server provides public access to these tools, some of which can be downloaded, others come with an own web interface. Note that some applications are provided as "demo" tools, some as full versions. Different licenses and usage conditions may be valid. All software on gecco!® is provided "as is", and any express or implied warranties are disclaimed -- please read our legal disclaimer and copyright status.

Please report any difficulties you encounter when using these tools to the respective developer or the modlab webmaster.

If you wish to publish results obtained by using our free software, please cite the respective publication. Thank you!

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CATS light - Chemically Advanced Template Search

LIQUID - fuzzy pharmacophore models based on trivariate Gaussians


Classification / Prediction

ISOAK - a molecular graph kernel based on iterative graph similarity and optimal assignments

HierarchicalKmeans - hierarchical clustering of and navigating in very large compound libraries

PATS - prediction of apicoplast targeted sequences of Plasmodium falciparum

PlasMit - prediction of mitochondrial transit peptides in Plasmodium falciparum

RankIt - retrospective and prospective screening

SVM-DrugLikeness - predictions of drug likeness based on SVM trained model

SVMTurn - a method for the prediction of regular turn regions in proteins

NtraC - Long Signal Peptide Analysis

T3SS_prediction - Type III secretion system effector prediction

ProBinder - Protein-Protein Docking



ChemSpaceShuttle light - data mining by classification, projection, and 3D visualization

Euclidean Distance Calculator - calculates euclidean distance between two tab-separated descriptors

H-BloX - calculate and visualize the Shannon information or relative entropy of sequence alignment blocks

MaxMinSelection light - perform subset selection from a compound library

MQL - Molecular Query Language

PocketPicker - Binding Site Prediction

SMILIB - create combinatorial libraries in SMILES format



PsoVis - a visualization tool for Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

SOMMER - Self-Organizing Map Maker for Education and Research