Welcome to SOMMER!

SOMMER is the Self-Organizing Map Maker for Education and Research.

Use this Link to Launch SOMMER!


If you use SOMMER in your scientific work, please cite:


Schmuker M, Schwarte F, Brück A, Proschak E, Tanrikulu Y, Givehchi A, Scheiffele K and Schneider G (2007) SOMMER: Self-Organizing Maps for Education and Research, J. Mol. Model., 13:225-228. SpringerLink

SOMMER is available under the terms of the SOMMER license.


SOMMER is made available via Java WebStart Technology. Please click on "Yes" or "Always" if you're asked to trust certificates from Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Michael Schmuker. This is necessary to allow SOMMER to read the data you want to analyze with SOMMER.

Obviously, you need to have Java, version 1.5 installed to run SOMMER. If java is installed and your browser asks you what to do with the JNLP file, open it with the "javaws" (= Java WebStart) application.

If this does not work, Java WebStart is probably not correctly set up (or not installed at all). In this case, you can download the SOMMER Jar-file and run it manually. Note that you must have Java3D version 1.3 installed to be able to run the SOMMER jar-file!

SOMMER is a tool under ongoing development. If you encounter problems, please be so kind and send me a note! Also if you have feature requests or just want to get in touch, don't hesitate and contact me.